Self-love Made Simple

Consider this:

Whom do you love?

Faces of your friends and family may have flashed across your mind. If so, that is because love is typically interpreted as interpersonal. Did you consider yourself? The exchange of love ricocheting from one heart to another is indeed a beautiful experience, but we don’t need another person to be loved.

In longing for love, individuals may overemphasize relationships, essentially putting their hearts in the hands of others. This dependence on others for affectional nourishment can cause us to neglect our own needs, wants, and desires. With time, one may notice plummeting levels of energy, motivation, and overall mental health.

A key to avoid being swept up by this whirlwind is not to avoid love, it’s shifting the focus.

Focus the radiance of your love inward as you embrace the practice of self-love. Self-love is an active and empowering process in which you recognize and respect your worth. Depending on your journey, self-love may not always be a walk in the park, but from time-to-time it certainly can be. Here are some simple skills to help you as you embark on the challenge of loving you!

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