Dr. Ali pursued further education beyond her master's degree in order to expand her knowledge in the areas of counseling, supervision, and research-informed practice. From her experiences as a counselor, she recognized the importance of utilizing research to inform best practice methods and subsequently help clients. Therefore, in addition to the knowledge gained from her clinical experiences noted above, a unique aspect of Dr. Ali's practice is her active engagement with counseling research in order to best inform her counseling.Dr. Ali's primary areas of interest include: (1) identity and culture, (2) gender and sexuality, (3) emotional intelligence, and (4) creativity in counseling. ​

Dr. Ali is passionate about the relationship between client needs' and research. For example, her dissertation was dedicated to formulating  a strengths-based group counseling intervention for LGBTQ+ young adults navigating the coming out process. This intervention, Outward and Onward, was successful in facilitating progress in social support and coming out growth. To learn more about Dr. Ali's research, courses, presentations, and media you can view the CV below or contact Dr. Ali with further inquiries.